Friday, May 23, 2014

Storyteller fun!

Today we had a storyteller. It was incredible having him doing stories.
He taught us in a story that was before the world was created and he told us about turtle island. He did funny stories. He's really really funny! He's a really Loud storyteller. He kept us entertained. 
By Kiera and Alyssa 

Bike assembly

Today we had an assembly about bikes. We watched performers do tricks on bikes. It was amazing! 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Investigating volume and capacity....hands-on learning

We had a lot of fun learning about volume and capacity today.  We made predictions and tested our ideas.  We came to the conclusion that "the area of the base of the container" (Pearse) did not help us predict on its own,  we "have to think about how wide around and how tall the container is". We even found two containers that were totally different shapes but they held the same volume of water. We will continue to explore measurement: volume, capacity, length, mass and area, in our discovery stations. Stay tuned for more discoveries about measurement. Also check our twitter feed because we will be posting our learning there too.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Music Monday

Today is Music Monday. We went outside and all got together to sing "ISS" -(is someone singing) we had parents join us as well. Many schools across Canada took part and it was broadcast live on the internet, It was a happy way to start the week.

Wonder of the Day....

Pearse asked today, "why don't we fit in the line crisscross when we can fit in the line standing up?" 
We investigated this very interesting wonder by measuring the area that we cover up using the tiles on the floor. We found out that standing up our area was less than a whole tile but sitting criss cross our area was more than two tiles.