Friday, November 27, 2015

This winter season we would like to help our friend Callie help the homeless.  Callie is a friend of ours that used to come to this school. When Callie was in grade 5, she learned of how there are many people living on our streets with nothing at all, so she created Callie’s Backpacks.

Callie collects backpacks and many different items that people need to survive and feel comfortable. Once she has collected the items, she distributes them to people in need. So far she has handed out over 200 backpacks, but there is still a need for more.

When you and your family come to the winter concert, please bring some items that will help fill the backpacks. Here are some items that would be helpful.

·     Backpack
·     Blankets
·     Warm socks
·     Mitts
·     Scarves
·     Hats
·     Deodorant
·     Toothpaste
·     Toothbrush
·     Soap
·     Packaged Snacks
·     Lip gloss
·     Travel size hand cream
·     Travel Mugs

We will put boxes outside the office for collection during the week, and at the doors of the gym during the winter concert.

Thank you for your support!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Dressed for success!

We are getting very good at dressing for outdoor fun!!  

Who lives here? -a guessing game...

Well we learned all about animals homes and we know we are a little bit the same ... But a little bit different... So now we are learning about people homes. Our homes meet our needs for food , water, shelter, clothing, and love! We read a story called "The Napping House". It was a cozy quest sleepy house until the flea had a sneeze. We talked about words to describe our homes.  We made a guessing game to play with you at the open house.  Can you guess what we said about our homes? ( warning -you may laugh at a few of the ideas!) lol !!! There are many more so we hope you come to our celebration of learning open house to see the rest of our great ideas! 

Holiday Concert

It is coming soon! Wednesday Dec. 2. Stay tuned for details...

Manitoba Animals

We have been learning all about the characteristics and needs of living things. This has been a huge topic in room 14. We learned what a living thing is, and what living things need to survive. We used this knowledge while we researched a Manitoba animal. Finally we put all the learning to work and created a animal habitat for our animal, complete with food, water, shelter and enemies!  This was an amazing opportunity for the students to share their knowledge through a hands on experience.   You can come see our finished tofu cuts at the open house on Thursday night. Here is a sneak peek ..,,

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Peaceful art

We created beautiful symbols of peace , but not by painting them... By keeping part of our painting white and peaceful. The painting was made with primary and secondary colours over a dove template. When we removed the template a symbol of peace appeared. 

Peace feels like

We wrote about what peace feels like for each of us. We also did some critical thinking about how we could make our home, school, community, and city more peaceful.  We wrote our thoughts for peace on poppy hearts so we would remember to be the change we want to see. These children our the future-  they know what it should be ...we should listen! 

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Research assistants

We have been working hard as animal researchers finding out all about Manitoba animals. Our learning buddies from grade 4/5 came to help us polish up our research books before we begin creating the habitat dioramas for our animals. 

Truth and reconciliation

I was very lucky to be invited to education day for the NCTR. Many schools and educators from all over the province got together to learn about "reconcili-action" and how we can help our country heal and move forward. I heard many stories from survivors of residential schools and listened to a youth panel speak about what the truth and reconciliation commissions work has meant to them.  I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Justice Murray Sinclair. It was a very emotional and educational day. 

Our final artist visit...the production

Today we used all of the acting techniques that we have learned with Ms.Laura to act out a favourite story, Robert Munsch's "I'll love you forever". 

Falling for Fall!

We have been learning how living things make changes according to the weather. We sculpted trees loosing their leaves, painted crayon resist fall fun pictures, and wrote about what we like to do in fall. We even dressed paper dolls to demonstrate our understanding of how people need to stay warm in the cooler weather.  Next we are going to be researching Manitoba animals to further understand what they do to survive. If you would like to get a better look at our masterpieces, drop by the front hall-our wonderful creations are on display! 

We are teaching

We have learned how to run the morning routines! We talk like teachers, asking smart questions and teaching each other by sharing what our smart brains are thinking. Being brave enough to our ideas is such a great way for others to learn! "Don't be shy -give it a try!"