Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to Little-land Canada

 we made a community called little land. And we made buildings that we need and some that we want. Some of the places in our community are houses, stores,apartments, doctors, library, airport, police, fire station and lots more. We made symbols for parks and hills too. Part of the town is a residential neighbourhood and part of it is an urban neighbourhood.  We also have roads and a road to the rural (country) where we made a farm and a field. We included some natural environment things too  like lakes, grass, rivers and forests. We would all like to live in Little-land. 
By Kieran and Jhett

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Thinking about Shapes

Today we began a shape investigation in Room 14.  We started by writing all the things we already know about shapes and then teaching those things to a friend.  After that we read a shape adventure story and learned about how to identify if a shape is 2D or 3D.  3D are "sticky outy" 2D are "plane (shapes)  and flat".  We even learned come of the names of the 3D shapes. Stay check our twitter feed for pictures of cooperative learning in action!