Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Plants in Fall

We read a story today about a tree that got us thinking about plants in the Fall. We used some of our Fall books to research what do other plants do in the Fall. We completed some shared writing to record our findings. Then we made a Fall tree like the one in the story. 







Halloween Patterns

We are learning how to sort and pattern. We learned that the pert of a pattern that repeats is called the core and it can be labelled with letters to make it easier to read. The letters come from the sorting that we do before we pattern. We can sort by size, shape, color or characteristics that are the same. Today we made three porous so we started making ABC patterns. 




Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Reading Tool kit

We have been learning a bunch of strategies that we can use to help ourselves be better readers.  We know actions and rhymes for each one to help make it easy to remember them.  


Teaching and listening

We are working to become better listeners so we can be wise and teach others. To do this we need to really pay attention to each other and respect what others think and say. We have a sharing time at the end of the day where we talk about the day. We share the good things that make us happy and what we are proud of.  It's also a time to talk about how we can make tomorrow even better. Today we made our own talking stick to use while we are sharing. We decorated it with symbols to remind us of important things.  The yellow yarn is to remind us to be happy. The red reminds us about kindness and caring for each other. The white is for peace. We all like a peaceful place for learning and the brown reminds us of nature and how important nature is.  We put feathers so we remember to speak softly and use kind words. We each chose a rock to decorate it with we glued them all together.  We added a piece of fuzzy at the top to remind us of how to treat others and the pine cone at the top reminds us we are all growing and learning together. Pretty amazing for 6 year olds! 


The Leaves are Falling

We were inspired to create art to go along with the poem we have been practicing. We read poems together to practice our fluency and expression. 





how does Fall Feel?

We explored our sense of touch and got to use it to feel textures common in Fall. How does Fall feel to you?






5 Senses of Fall

We have been learning about our 5 senses. We used our senses to investigate the changes that occur in Fall. We enjoyed being scientists to investigate what we smell and taste in Fall. We baked apple pie together to demonstrate what Fall smells and tastes like.Fall is pretty yummy! What do you think Fall smells and tastes like?














Sorry....Blogger App is down

I have not been able to post pictures and updates to the blog because the Blogger App is not responding.  Please check out the Instagram feed.. I will update that regularly.  Stay tuned tho  Hopefully it will get the fixed.