Thursday, January 19, 2017

Exploring Symmetry

We have been doing a lot of repeating patterns in Room 14.  Today we tried making patterns that were symmetrical and matching our partners pattern. For a first try these kiddos were amazing!!!!! 






Mitten Estimation

We used our estimation skills to predict how many "snowballs" we could fit on our mitt! We filled the mitten, making sure not to leave any spaces. Then we counted by removing one snowball at a time and arranging them into ten frames. That way when we counted we could quickly count by 10's to see how many we used. We also did some problem solving using subtraction. "If you had 63 and you ate ten, how many would you have left?" Can you guess how we solved that? Yum!!!!





Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mittens mitttens every where!!!

 We are working on a mitten theme in room 14. We have read and retold mitten stories, matched mittens, made mittens with patterns and we are going to use use mittens to measure. We will learn about what kind of mittens are warm and stay dry when we investigate different mitten materials  Hopefully we won't be naughty kittens and lose our mittens!