Monday, November 18, 2013

Can you guess our sorting rule?

In science today we conducted an investigation of a bunch of different objects. We decided to sort our items. Can you guess our sorting rule? 


  1. is it woods, glass, plastics, metals, papers, rubbers/elastics, rocks and clothing? good job guys these are very tricky sorting rule. ----- kiera's mom

    1. You did a great job guessing our rule! Thank you for sending us a comment. Please send us more comments if you can!

  2. Ryan and Kathleen (Alea's mom and dad)Monday, November 18, 2013

    Hello Room 14,

    I think we have figured out your sorting rule. Is it sorting by like materials? Example, wood pile, metal pile, glass pile, paper pile, rubber pile, fabric pile, rock pile, and a plastic pile. Please let us know if we have solved your sorting rule.

  3. The items In each pile must be made of the same materials ? Great challenge !! -Piper's Mom

  4. It looks like it may be sorted in to types of material.
    Pearse's mom

  5. Alyssa's mom,
    I believe the sorting rule is; different kinds of materials.
    Alyssa and I love to see the blog, thank you Mrs Hamm for all your hard work!!