Monday, February 24, 2014

Dress like your favourite story book character

There are some very creative minds in 14. We had a special day to dress like a character from our favorite books! Can you guess who these "characters" are?  ( they looked so awesome!) 


  1. Dear mrs.hamm.
    everybody learns how to do division in grade 3 or 4.
    well if you know can you tell us in class thank you.

    from kieran

  2. Hello boys and girls, I just took a peek at the photos of who you had dressed up like. I saw a couple of you in the hallway that day, but it was sure interesting to see all the rest of you in the photos with your book in your hand. Well done! You were all dressed as awesome book characters! Way to go!
    Love From Mrs. Grant

  3. Great costumes everybody I love them