Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What does a good learner do?

In our sharing circle we talked about things good learners do to get smarter. We shared some things we do to be good learners. 

Parker : I listened carefully to the story today
Grace: I tried to do neat printing
Avery: I practiced counting 
Sebastian: I organized my thoughts in my brain
Sophie:I stayed calm
Isabella: I listened to the teacher talk about Fall
Malaysia: I listened 
Daisy:I sat still at the carpet
Remington:I followed the teachers directions
Jace: I got started right away
Annalynn: I was a role model when others were talking
Brodie: I checked the pictures in the book
Justine: I checked the beginning sound of words
Jakob: I practiced reading my book
Renee: I made a connection
Xander: I learned how to print the letter p 

It is great to see the children begin to make reflections on their learning.  It inspires others when they share their success! 

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