Friday, January 08, 2016

Mitten measuring

We have been keeping warm inside these days - learning all about mittens. Mittens are pretty amazing if you stop and think about them. We have talked about the ability of materials to absorb and repel, different types of fabric, wool -where wool comes from and how it is made into mittens. We discussed symmetry. We used that understanding and created a pair of mittens that were detailed, then wrote clues to describe them for our Missing Mitten Mystery. We sorted mittens by pattern and skip counted by two to find out how many we had altogether. We have learned how to make, extend and label patterns and today we used our mittens to measure things around the room. We talked about accuracy and estimation. Some children made very interesting observations about their findings.  They challenged each other to go beyond the given activity and used their findings to compare sizes and problem solve! These are such great children to work with! Their enthusiasm to learn makes my job a joy! I can't wait to see what new things we can discover together next week! 

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