Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Count by twos to count the shoes!

Wow, I think Dr. Seuss has even infiltrated my math mind! ;.  I like to rhyme all the time! Even in math! Today we used skip counting to figure out how many shoes we had in the room. Once they were all in a heap in the middle someone reminded us that we have learned to count in an organized way so we decided to put the shoes in pairs and then we noticed we could count by twos.  Xander noticed that counting by twos on the evens is like doing "doubles facts " fit addition. We counted up by twos, back by twos and even used our knowledge of twos to predict how many shoes we would have if there were more kids in class. Now that's problem solving at work!  Ps... We also noticed our shoes are smelling a little less than fresh! Hahaha. That was s good giggle! :) 

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