Thursday, October 10, 2013

More than meets the eye....

 Today we talked about fun ways to be active in the fall. We had a lot of great ways to enjoy the fabulous fall we have been having: go to the corn maze, rake the leaves, jump in them, go hiking, play at the park, go on the swings, run in the tall brown grass, pick pumpkins and more. We came up with an idea to make posters for the school so that everyone could use our ideas of how to be active in the fall.  We found out, as we were working in our groups, that talking, planning, sharing and cooperating are all just as important as staying on task. The groups who worked at all of these things were very proud of their final project. 


  1. Fall time is our favorite time!!! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Much love

  2. that was a fantastic video, my mom and I liked it a lot!! Mrs. Hamm you are a wonderful teacher!


  3. This was such an important activity that you did Room 14! It is wonderful that you are learning about talking and sharing your ideas, as well as being outdoors. Being outside and being active are good for us all! What did you do with all your good ideas? Ms Couch