Monday, September 21, 2015

The Daily 5

We are really getting right into grade one learning! Soon you will begin to hear about a program called  Daily 5. It is a Language Arts program designed for the students strengthen their reading, writing and spelling skills.  There are 5 components: read to self, read to someone, word, work, work on writing and listen to reading.  During Daily 5 the students are encouraged to gain independence at reading and writing while the teacher works with small groups or individuals. I have been using this program for a number of years now, as have many other teachers in the school. It is very successful and helps the children in grade one see themselves as readers and writers.  The first part of the program is all about doing things independently and practicing the "right way" so that the student use their time to grow academically and so that they give their classmates equal opportunity to accomplish great things in reading and writing.  
Today we started the first of the five choices: Read to Self.  We had already talked about 3 ways to read a book, how to pick good fit books, and where to sit. Today we talked about the WHY. Do we need to read to ourselves.  And then...,, we tried it out!!! It was awesome to see them in action!!! 
Stay tuned for the next choice! 

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