Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Our concert

For the concert we will be performing two numbers. The first is a song about Manitoba animals. It is based on the story called "Who is in the Woods?" Some children have instrumental parts and others are acting as animals. The animals are showing that they can keep a "snappy beat". We have really been practicing the stepping to the beat of the song. 

The other part of our performance is a recital of a poem.-Not just any poem ... A poem we wrote as a class on the first day it snowed!   The kids were so excited that day! We talked about expressing our feelings in a poem and came up with "The Snowy Day". We also have been talking about how good readers read with feeling. So they will read it with first with excitement and feeling just like they felt on that first day the snow fell. Then they are going to read it again and change their voices and expression so it sounds like the way a grown-up might have felt in the day the snow arrived! I think you will enjoy it a lot!!! They think so too! 

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