Friday, December 04, 2015

We are proud

At sharing circle today the kids got to post their thoughts on the blog all by themselves. 
Here is how they were feeling at the end of this very busy week! 
Annalynn I am proud of making two cards for my parents
Justine : I am proud I made a creation out of Playdough 
Jakob: I am proud that I played a new game on the iPad
Sophie: I am proud of myself because I learned about bugs on the iPad
Isabella: because I did a lot of words I am proud of word work
Matthew: I made an overpowered ship with Lego
Grace: I am proud that I got to put something in the hall 
Annalynn: I am proud because I wrote two cards and a poem today
Sebastian : I am proud that I tried my best today
Brodie: I am proud that I built a police car out of Lego
Parker: I am proud that I made a creeper out of Lego
Avery: I am proud I spelled my writing

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