Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bundle of fun!

It was our tenth day of school!  We have been putting a straw in the pocket each day to learn about place value. Today the digits for 10 wouldn't fit in the ones pocket so we had to figure out a way to show ten by moving the "ten stick" to the next pocket on the chart.  (Thanks Ashton for that great idea!) then we bundled up the straws and moved them over too. We got to make a bundle and do the "bundle dance".  I am going to post the video we made of the "bundle dance" as soon as I can,   ( I am waiting on a few media release forms) but in the meantime you could ask your child to teach it to you! 

We also used a new app called MY STORY to create a book about dots, after reading the story 10 Black Dots.  I have sent a link via email to the parents so that you can see our book.  
Oh yeah and we also painted...
 Counting, dancing, painting, writing, reading - 
It was a busy day in Room 14!
We might all need an early bedtime...I know I do! :) 

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  1. Good job .. I didn't know counting could be so fun ! - Piper's mom-