Monday, September 09, 2013

A Good Fit!

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! Today we sorted out our classroom library books.  We made labels for each basket so we could find the books easily. Then we had a talk about what a "GOOD FIT BOOK" is.  Mrs Hamm brought in a bunch of shoes and we tried them on. We all need shoes to help us. Some of the shoes fit us and others didn't fit at all.  The shoes we need can't be too big or too small.  They have to be just right- a good fit! Some shoes were for a specific purpose and others were good for a variety of things.   If you are going to a party you need fancy shoes and if you are playing soccer you need soccer shoes.  We talked about how that is the same for books - a good fit can't be too hard. It can't be too easy.  Books need to interest us and they have to be just right...A GOOD FIT! 

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  1. How is everyone enjoying grade one ? -Piper's mom-